About CHJ

The name "CyberHalides" is not Greek, it's a photographer's pun on the active light-sensitive chemical compound in traditional photographic film and paper - "silver halides".

The images in this gallery are by a photographer who specialisations in capturing live jazz because it enables him to combine two interests.

Why are some photos in colour? These are mostly shots from many years ago. He now almost exclusively publishes and print in B&W. He prefers it, it suits jazz, and the lighting in many venues doesn't result in good colour.

Framed & unframed copies of most images are available for sale. For further details, use the contact link.


Jazz Sites supported by CyberHalides Jazz

CyberHalides Jazz supports the following high quality venues, sites and stations:

Jazz In Concert at the ANU Popup Village on one night each month, but as the night varies from month to month, check the guide for variations to this schedule.

ABC Jazz on digital radio, digital TV and online.

AusJazz Blog by Roger Mitchell - for news, reviews and opinions on the Australian jazz scene, particularly but not exclusively in Melbourne.

Canberra Jazz Blog by Eric Pozza - for all the good oil on the Canberra jazz scene, including reviews, gigs calendar, links and some (colour) pics

Artsound FM - the Canberra public radio station that supports, records and broadcasts local live jazz. Listen in particular to "Friday Night Live" each Friday at 20:00!