CyberHalides Jazz » 2015 » Here And Now - Smiths - 26 Feb 2015

Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, this was a bitter-sweet gig. It was an fine evening of quality music by some local consummate professionals. However, although I wasn't to realise at the time, this was the last gig that I was to shoot in Smiths Alternative Bookshop. So looking at these pics now I feel sad. Even so, it was a good note to end on, if it had to end. So this was The Here and Now at Smiths, as it was back there and then.

[A later comment - this wasn't actually the last gig I shot here - Smiths reopened a few months later under new management and a slightly different branding and no books.]

An evening of Jazz at Smiths Alternative Bookshop featuring The Here and Now (Rachael Thoms - voice; Lachlan Coventry - guitar; special guests: James Luke - bass; Mark Sutton - drums) --- Civic, Canberra, ACT