CyberHalides Jazz » 2015 » WANG - Linda Oh Sun Pictures - 31 Oct 2015

One of the pleasures of Wang is that Linda Oh returns from NY every few years to perform. A very versatile musician, as usual she played in a number of quite different ensembles at Wang, and so features in several other of my Wang 2015 albums. See especially the duo gig in the Cathedral with Gian Slater. This was her own band playing her own compositions from her latest CD. I really enjoy her playing - it's great to see someone of her size get such a big sound out of the instrument and to watch her dexterity and inventiveness. But I struggled to find the words to describe this gig, so I'm going to cheat a little and simply quote the All About Jazz CD review by Hrayr Attarian which I felt summed up the live performance very well: "Sun Pictures is an album of achingly fragile beauty and warm mellifluousness". You can always watch Sun Pictures on Youtube (with a partly different ensemble) and make your own mind up.

Linda Oh: Sun Pictures (Linda Oh - bass; James Muller - guitar; Jon Irabagon - tenor saxophone; Rudy Royston - drums) performing in the WPAC Theatre at the 2015 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz