CyberHalides Jazz » 2017 » WANG - Jonathan Zwartz Ensemble - 5 Nov 2017

I've been a very big fan of Jonathan's first two CDs and so this this third one is long overdue and most welcome.  His compostions contain some clever melodic ideas (not always true in jazz), no doubt reflecting his years of experience in a range of genres, which are well interpreted by a band that is a roll call of the best in Australian jazz.  My only regret is that the CDs are a studio recording, rather than one of these live performances.  I've seen a number of live performances of JZ's CDs, and as good as the CDs are, the live performances add something extra.  This was no exception (although at the time if writing, I'm still waiting for my copy of the CD).

The Jonathan Zwartz Ensemble (Jonathan Zwartz - bass; Barney McAll - piano; Hamish Stuart - drums; Julien Wilson - sax; Phil Slater - trumpet; James Greening - trombone; Fabian Hevia - percussion; Steve Magnusson - guitar) launching their new CD and performing in the WPAC Theatre at the 2017 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz