CyberHalides Jazz » 2018 » WANG - Niran Dasika Quartet - 3 Nov 2018

This was one three sets at Wang in which Niran and Sumire played together, all of which are documented on this site. Niran and Sumire were one of the big hits at Wang, and all their sets were a joy to watch and listen to. This particular set played most of the music on Niran's 2018 CD Suzaku, performed by this quartet with the exception of the bass player (Takashi Sugawa on bass on the CD rather than former ANU student Jordan Tarento who stepped in at Wang).
This was impressive music - my favourites being I Seek the Middle Ground and All Good Things, both with plaintive, prayerful motifs played on Niran's trumpet, interspersed with solos from the other musicians, notably a very senstive one by Sumire in All Good Things. Despite that the images here focus on Shun Ishiwaka on drums, partly for his powerful solo on Todoroki FallsABC Jazz recorded this set (don't be put off by a short black section at the start).
The Niran Dasika Quartet (Niran Dasika - trumpet; Sumire Kuribayashi - piano; Jordan Tarento - bass; Shun Ishiwaka - drums) performing in St Patricks Hall at the 2018 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz