CyberHalides Jazz » 2018 » WANG - Tina Harrod Ensemble - 4 Nov 2018

This was a strong, driving performance from Tina Harrod and her ensemble, containing some of the leading names in Australian jazz. I love Tina's gravelly voice and the energy & emotion she puts into her performance, and in this set she applied it to the material on her newest CD "City of Longing". This mix of soul, jazz, pop and funk was a quite different Tina than I've seen and heard in previous, mainly jazz performances and CDs, like "Work Songs".
The Tina Harrod Ensemble (Tina Harrod - vocals; Stu Hunter - piano; Matt Keegan - saxophone; Virna Sanzone - vocals; Evelyn Duprai - vocals; Lisa Spence - vocals; Cameron Deyell - guitar; James Greening - trombone; Ray Cassar - trumpet; Dave Symes - bass; Evan Mannell - drums) performing in the WPAC Theatre at the 2018 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz