CyberHalides Jazz » 2015 » WANG - Day Two Various - 31 Oct 2015

One of the challenges, perhaps one of the annoyances, of the Wangaratta Jazz Festival is confronting the clashes between gigs. That is, choosing which gig to go to when there's two or more that you want to see on at the same time, or partially overlapping. Do you choose one and see it in its entirety, or do you sample and try and grab a bit of everything? I used both approaches at different times. This collection of images is from when I mostly sampled and didn't see the entire gig.


The only exception to this was the Mike Nock and Dave Friesen gig. As others have said, it was like two old friends who play together regularly and frequently, rather than for the first time for 30 or 40 years. This was a comfortable and relaxed meeting of the musical minds, which explored all the opportunities offered by the music. I found it quite accessible, while still being pleasantly complex. In that sense it was quite different to a similar duo that Mike did with Barre Phillips back in 2011.


Matt Mitchell on solo piano performing in Holy Trinity Cathedral The Will Martina Trio (Will Martina - cello; Jackson Harrison - piano; Danny Fischer - drums) performing in the WPAC Hall


Wayfinders (Jon Hunt - clarinet; Mark Shepherd - bass; Ronny Ferella - drums) performing in Holy Trinity Cathedral Mike Nock (piano) and David Friesen (bass) performing in the WPAC Theatre


Paul Van Ross with Clave Mania (Paul Van Ross - saxophones, flute; Jonathan Cohen - piano; Elizabeth Obando/Cohen - bass, vocals; Damien Ellis - drums; Toby Bender timbales) performing in St Patricks Hall


Dave Douglas (trumpet) and Paul Grabowsky (piano) performing in the WPAC Theatre