CyberHalides Jazz » 2017 » WANG - Nadje Noordhuis - 4 Nov 2017

Nadje has been living in NYC for sufficiently long that many local aficionados either won't have heard of her or don't recall.  That's changed thanks to these two performances and her performances in other gigs this weekend.  The most common comment I heard was what a wonderful tone she has.  I don't claim to have an ear for such things, so I'll take their word.  I found the duo with James a very sensitive, delicate gig, which showed the fruits of what I gather is the result of the many years of their collaboration.

The Nadje Noordhuis Quintet (Nadje Noordhuis - trumpet; James Shipp - drums; Gian Slater - vocals; Chris Hale - bass; Theo Carbo - guitar) performing in the WPAC Theatre at the 2017 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz