CyberHalides Jazz » 2014 » Friends Jazz Fundraiser - ANU - 15 Oct 2014

A jazz gig to raise money for the Friends of the School of Music ANU, showcasing current and past students together with Miro, held in the Big Band Room, Peter Karmel Building --- ANU, Canberra, ACT

The Stephen Read Trio (Stephen Read - guitar; Brendan Keller-Tuberg - bass; Hayden Fritzlaff - drums)

A trio comprising Rachael Thoms (voice), Tate Sheridan (piano) and Miroslav Bukovsky (trumpet)

The ANU Jazz Collective (Amy Jenkins - voice; Jacqui Douglas - voice; Llewellyn Osborne - violin; Tate Sheridan - piano; Eliza Shephard - flute; Edward Plowman - tenor sax; Kat Alchin - alto sax; Hugo Lee - alto sax; Calum Builder - soprano sax; Eddie Bernasconi - trumpet; Anthony Cotter - trumpet; James Bernasconi - trombone; Ben Forte - guitar; Jack Schwenke - bass; Jamal Salem - drums)