CyberHalides Jazz » 2014 » Wangaratta Jazz Festival Day Two - 1 Nov 2014

Day two started of with more from Enrico Rava - what a privilege it was at last to hear his quintet playing in Australia. It was a day of some very fine music, particularly from the locals and expats and especially from the Monash students. Like some reviewers, but unlike many others, Jeff "Tain" Watts didn't really do it for me. In his Saturday performance I felt that he was disengaged and just going through the motions. The stand-out performances were Osmany Paredes on piano and ex-pat Troy Roberts on sax.


The Enrico Rava Quintet (Enrico Rava - trumpet; Mirko Guerrini - sax; Paul Grabowsky - piano; Frank Di Sario - bass; Niko Schauble - drums)

ISSHO (Jessica Carlton - trumpet; Stephen Byth - tenor sax; Jack Beeche - alto sax; Tim Willis - guitar; Marty Holoubek - bass; Luke Andresen - drums)

Lisa Parrott and Friends (Lisa Parrott - sax; Carl Dewhurst - guitar; Cameron Undy - bass; Simon Barker - drums)

The Mike Nock Trio Plus Two (Mike Nock - piano; Brett Hirst - bass; James Waples - drums; Karl Laskowski - tenor sax; Carl Morgan - guitar)

Roger Manins' Hipflask (Roger Manins - sax & recorder; Stu Hunter - organ; Adam Ponting - piano; Brendan Clarke - bass; Toby Hall - drums)

The Laura Watts Quartet (Laura Watts - pocket trumpet; James Sherlock - guitar; Chris Smith - bass; Jeff 'Tain' Watts - drums; Troy Roberts - sax)

The Muller Magnusson Quartet (James Muller - guitar; Stephen Magnusson - guitar; Frank Di Sario - bass; Danny Fischer - drums)

The Jeff 'Tain' Watts Quartet (Osmany Paredes - piano; Troy Roberts - sax; Chris Smith - bass; Jeff 'Tain' Watts - drums)